Empower, Inspire and Aspire with Cesar R. Espino

You can overcome anything...even when the world says, "No." For Cesar R. Espino, that is more than a title to his book and his podcast. It is a lesson learned in his journey and a lesson he hopes to empower, inspire and aspire in each of us.

Cesar R. Espino was born in Mexico City and raised by a single mom and today he shares his story of overcoming and becoming successful. Cesar holds a masters degree, is an entrepreneur with several businesses, and he always encourages others to follow their dreams regardless of their circumstances. 

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Show notes from today's episode.

02:37 Cesar shares his origin story and how a leap of faith by his mother changed everything for his family.

05:30 The advice Cesar's stepdad gave him at a young age which relates an important lesson to each of us listening today.

7:50 Now it is time for Cesar to take his leap of faith and what that new journey brought him.

11:00 Why we should learn to surrender to the process to rise into our authentic selves.

15:15 At the age of 15, something which Cesar never expected to happen, changed his life forever. Hear what it was and how it changed his journey.

18:50 The deeply personal reason Cesar made the decision to write a book.

21:09 The importance of starting with the end in mind and how you can apply it in your journey. 

26:55 How remembering your childhood and acting as a child acts can help you achieve more and take action faster by eliminating the fear of failure.

30:34 The story behind "Empower, Inspire and Aspire" and how you never know how you are affecting the lives of others.

35:06 The simple first step you can take to eliminate procrastination, get unstuck and create momentum. 

39:57 Go find that yes!

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