Reawaken Your Competitive Spirit with Amanda and Marty White

Amanda and Marty help former athletes reawaken their competitive spirit with inspirational coaching so they can thrive at their ideal body weight, and lead their families and teams more effectively.

The couple shared insight from their new book Re-Awaken Your Competitive Spirit (A Fitness Guide For Former Athletes). They also dove deep into health, wealth and relationships and how entrepreneurs and former athletes who are not performing up to expectations can take back control and reawaken their competitive spirit.

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Show notes from today's episode.

01:55 Marty shares how he went from 100 pound overweight ex-athlete to rediscovering his health as an amateur MMA athlete. More importantly: what triggered the realization he had to change or risk his health and life.

06:02 Amanda offers a look into her backstory. A story of being an athlete and then finding herself battling depression, anxiety and becoming overweight and facing a health crisis.

9:50 Amanda shares how it wasn't just health but also her (and Marty's) relationships which were suffering.

12:40 Hear what triggered Amanda's journey to fulfill a new mission of standing up and serving women who face similar health issues.

14:52 Marty's warning to listeners who find themselves making positive changes but then alienating themselves from their loved ones.

17:49 How these 2 approach marketing to get their message out there so they may attract and affect their tribe.

20:34 Amanda and Marty offer tips for having the confidence to come out of your shell and overcome limiting beliefs that keep you playing small.

23:50 Marty discusses the story behind their new book and why it was important for them to get it out there to those who need the message and support.

28:40 Marty and Amanda both share their single biggest takeaway from the book.

32:37 My 3 big takeaways from the interview that you can implement right now in your personal life and business.

Want to learn more and connect with Amanda and Marty White?

Blog: https://lifeaftersportssecrets.wordpress.com/
Facebook: Marty: @werewolfmma135
Amanda: @sexyshesquatch
Instagram: Marty: @coach_werewolf
Twitter: @gearitupinsider
Website: https://gearitupinsider.com/home-page

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