When You Thrive Your Family Thrives with Annie Henderson

Are you a mom running on fumes, overwhelmed and finding yourself always putting others' needs before your own? Are you an entrepreneur looking for really smart strategies to create your next digital course or coaching program and searching for the right platform to connect with your most passionate audience?

If you answered "Yes!" to either of these questions, then today's Infinite Impact Radio episode with Annie Henderson is a must-listen. Tune in now to learn about Annie's mission to create positive changes that affect families for generations to come.

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Show notes from today's episode.

04:02 From people-pleaser to purpose-driven entrepreneur. Annie shares here backstory and the journey to the present.

08:50 Annie shares how you can take time each day with a routine to find and rise into your authentic self.

10:21 The app and other tactics you can use to help keep you in momentum as you make life changes.

13:00 The online platform where Annie connects with her most passionate audience and how she uses that platform to attract and affect her ideal clients.

15:06 The super-smart strategy Annie used to build her online course and to ensure it would overdeliver value to her customers.

17:52 How you can take quantum leaps in your business when you stop shooting for perfection.

23:54 Creating generational transformations - creating a domino effect that changes lives for years to come. 

27:08 2 things moms can do right now to help eliminate overwhelm, get into a better place and create positive generational momentum.

32:13 3 big takeaways you can implement right now in your personal life and business.

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